On Thursday, Turkey will turn into a desert: in Istanbul, the temperature will reach +48°C

Turkey will turn into a desert on Thursday: temperatures will reach +48°C in Istanbul

Istanbul in particular and Turkey in general are expecting a return “African heat”: by Thursday, the temperature in the city can rise to +48 degrees, local media assures. This was warned by local residents and tourists by the General Directorate of Meteorology of Turkey, saying that after the cool days, Turkey will be “visited” by Eyyam-i Bahur, a period that annually coincides with the end of July and the beginning of August, and is the time when the hottest summer days.

Heat will come to Turkey from Arabia. In Istanbul, it is expected that on Thursday the thermometer in the sun will “roll over” to 48 degrees. In the shade, the temperature will be about 37 degrees. It is a little cooler in Ankara – “only” +39.

Tourists and local residents were also warned that the hellish heat would continue for 4-5 days. From August 6-7, Turkey and the Balkan countries may expect a cold snap.

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