Only 10 thousand rubles or even less, and you are abroad: the minimum prices for traveling abroad have been announced

Only 10 thousand rubles or even less, and you are abroad : minimum prices for traveling abroad announced

It is quite possible to get abroad for 10 thousand rubles and even cheaper, though if we are talking about very conditionally foreign countries, like Abkhazia and Belarus, as well as exotic destinations for a typical tourist, like Mongolia. Another important detail of such a trip is not a plane, but a train. But for a tourist who is ready to agree to any conditions, Arguments and Facts has compiled a selection of such railway routes, and presenting comparative prices with air travel. We add that some of these countries, the same Belarus, have been used by tourists since ancient times of closed Egypt as an intermediate point for starting to far abroad, so the offer to save money at the first stage may be in demand.

So, let's list directions and prices:

  1. Belarus: prices for railway tickets for the train Moscow – Minsk in mid-June – 3'364 rubles. Plane for the same dates – 5.8 thousand rubles, plus at least 2 thousand surcharges for those who fly with luggage. According to experts, it is half the price – besides, the train “leaves the center and comes to the center.” Travel time is quite acceptable – 7 hours. By plane, the same distance is covered in about 1.5 hours.
    Tourists are also reminded that a negative PCR test for coronavirus for a period of no more than 72 hours or a certificate of vaccination with any Russian vaccination is still required to enter Belarus. You can enter with a Russian passport.
  2. Abkhazia: another conditional foreign country, very popular with tourists. Trains go directly to Sukhum from Moscow and St. Petersburg. At a price – 3.9 thousand for a reserved seat, 6.7 for a compartment from Moscow, from St. Petersburg, respectively, at 5.7 and 9 thousand rubles. We note that there is no direct flight to the country, air tourists get to Abkhazia through Sochi – this will cost 7.5 thousand rubles. from Moscow, plus 3 thousand for luggage; from St. Petersburg – 13.7 thousand plus 4.2 thousand for luggage. True, the time factor is much more significant – the train gets from Moscow in 39 hours, from St. Petersburg – for as many as 57 – to spend which in a reserved seat is a pleasure, to put it mildly, for an amateur. But tourists do not need PCR tests and other evidence of covid safety at the entrance to Abkhazia.
  3. Mongolia: the list of experts included a very exotic route – Irkutsk – Ulaanbaatar. Those who wish to ride from Lake Baikal to Mongolia by train will spend 22.5 hours, and from 8.5 thousand rubles for a compartment and 13 thousand for an ST. At the same time, flying to Ulaanbaatar from Moscow will cost 79 thousand rubles, and with a transfer in Istanbul. And to fly from Moscow to Irkutsk – 14.4 thousand rubles, plus another 4.4 thousand for luggage. So those who want an exotic kit can try to save some money.
    PCR test is not needed to enter Mongolia, but you will need to fill out a health questionnaire.
  4. Kazakhstan: another original route is the railway route Astrakhan – Atyrau (a large city on the border of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan in the Caspian Sea) restored in April. The price of the issue is very low – 1.5 thousand rubles for a reserved seat and 2.2 thousand for a coupe. Travel time – 11 hours. Then you can get to the Kazakh capitals to transfer to the plane. By the way, in June they expect the restoration of railway routes from Alma-Ata to Saratov, Kazan, Novosibirsk and from Samara and Omsk to Karaganda. Kazakhstan also requires travelers to enter either a PCR test or a vaccination certificate.

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