Panic begins in a popular country: tourist resorts turn into ghost towns

Popular country begins to Nika: tourist resorts are turning into ghost towns

“There is an apocalypse in Europe, we live in a nightmare!” – such statements about the hellish heat were made by the local authorities of Greece, which is popular with tourists. Cities and resort areas of the country are emptying, tourists are fleeing from the incredible heat and the accompanying forest fires. At the same time, the weather does not promise any relief.

According to Sky News, more than 7,000 acres of land have already turned into ashes in Greece – and often these are resort areas. In the suburb of Mandra, near Athens, 250 firefighters, supported by 75 fire engines, 11 aircraft and nine helicopters, are fighting the fire. The city itself is being evacuated. In the region of Corinth, well-known on the tourist map, to the west of Athens, at least 30 houses were seriously damaged by a fire yesterday in the city of Loutraki.

A similar “apocalypse” can unfold at any moment in neighboring countries. Sardinia recorded +46 degrees Celsius on Wednesday, and experts fear that other natural disasters are a matter of time. In Turkey, the popular Datca resort, mainly among locals, was de-energized, the alleged cause of the emergency was heat. In general, we recall that experts fear that the “thermal explosion” recorded in the Sahara will lead to the fact that tourism in Southern Europe “will be covered with a copper basin.” So, by the middle of this week on the extremely popular Italian islands – Sicily and Sardinia – records of +50 degrees Celsius are expected (read here). At the same time, the “heat wave” stretches all the way to China, and also rages in the other hemisphere – and there are no promises of relief yet.

And the risks are similar to the truth – tourists scatter from popular resorts in a panic. “Our hotel has turned into an oven,” said tourists from the UK, who came to rest on the popular Greek island of Rhodes this July and got into hellish heat – the thermometer consistently showed +40 °C. Roasting vacationers regularly experienced feelings of extreme weakness, malaise, and dizziness. They were forced to make the decision to shorten their vacation and return back to their homeland three days earlier. Read more at this link.

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