Paraguay Attractions: Top 17

Paraguay Attractions: Top 17

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What to see in Paraguay is well known to people who have already been there. Based on their recommendations, a list of must-see places was compiled. The sights of Paraguay delight with their colorfulness and diversity.

What to see in Paraguay first of all?

In this section of the article we will consider interesting places that deserve attention. By the way, the name of the state literally translates as “from the great river.” It is she who divides the country into two unequal parts. One is dominated by arid plains, while the other boasts fertile land.

1. City of Asuncion

Sights of Paraguay: Top 17

View of the central part of the city of Asuncion

The settlement is the capital of the Republic, it is characterized as large and diverse, with life raging around the clock. This attraction of Paraguay surprises at every turn. On the wide avenues of the city there are a large number of rich colonial mansions. Fountains murmur on the territory of beautiful gardens, and each square is decorated with some kind of monument. A feature of the capital is that on its territory fashionable areas coexist with the poor. Excursions in Paraguay, namely in Asuncion, are held mainly in the old quarters, picturesque waterfront, government buildings. The main attractions here are concentrated between two bends of the main river of the republic.

2. Itaipu Dam

Attractions of Paraguay: Top 17

The huge Itaipu Dam on the Parana River

Worldwide, it is the largest source of electricity, it is located between Paraguay and Brazil. At one time they were at enmity with each other, but they had to reconcile, because the hydroelectric power station is clearly located on the border between these countries. During the construction process, it was decided to change the direction of one of America's greatest rivers, and it all began in 1979. The launch of the first hydrogenerator took place in early May 1984. Not so long ago, in 2009, a serious accident occurred at a hydroelectric power station, some power lines were damaged. As a result, the power system of Brazil and almost the entire territory of Paraguay was turned off. The description says that the total length of the structure is 7235 m, width 400 m, height reaches 200 m.

3. The ruins of the Jesuit missions Jesus and Trinidad

Paraguay Attractions: Top 17

Ruins of the Jesuit Missions of Jesus and Trinidad

This landmark of Paraguay is the remains of 8 great missions of the Jesuits. Their construction dates back to the 17th-18th century. Then they were miniature city-states, created with the aim of integrating the indigenous population into the Christian faith. Missions can rightly be classified as one of the most impressive creations of the religious type. The presence of their remains testifies to the historical richness of the republic. There were about 50 missions in total, 30 have survived to this day. Some of them are included in the UNESCO list. Visiting interesting places is allowed from 9 am to 5 pm, the ticket is valid for 3 days.

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4. National Pantheon of Heroes

Attractions in Paraguay: Top 17

Memorial to the fallen in numerous wars soldiers of Paraguay

The attraction of Paraguay, which will be discussed, is an architectural gem of the described area. This is a kind of symbol of the heroic history of the republic, and it is presented in the form of a memorial dedicated to those who died during the bloody wars for independence. The National Pantheon of Heroes is not only one of the best attractions, but is one of the most memorable and especially revered places in Paraguay. Two bronze figures in the form of soldiers flaunt at the entrance, and inside there is a sarcophagus, the surface of which is covered with the national flag. Having made a trip there, pay attention to the number of names engraved on the walls, these are all locals who died during the hostilities and Russian officers.

5. Botanical and Zoological Gardens

Paraguay Attractions: Top 17

Asuncion Zoo Green Area Beacazal

Their creation dates back to 1914, the founder of one of the main attractions was a German scientist, a doctor named Carlos Friebig. At first, there were not so many animals, but after they were presented as a gift to the zoo from private individuals, the collection was significantly replenished. This place is one of those that can be seen in Paraguay in 1 day, and if possible, this is a must do. The gardens cover an area of ​​just over 110 hectares of natural forests. The total number of species of wild animals is about 70, including birds, reptiles, and mammals.

6. Cerro Corra National Park

Paraguay Attractions: Top 17

Landscape of Cerro Corra National Park Christian Frausto Bernal

Do you want to take unique photos against the backdrop of a unique area? Then you are in the national park, which is deservedly considered one of the most picturesque, spectacular and unusual places. There is a park area in Eastern Paraguay. In fact, this is one of the largest protected areas, located near the border area of ​​Brazil. It is known not only for its natural beauty, but it also has an interesting historical significant past. It was on the territory of this attraction of Paraguay that the events of the final battle in the war of the Triple Alliance unfolded. What is offered now? Modern tourists have the opportunity to enjoy the contemplation of various examples of architecture, as well as history, to explore tourist resorts, environmentally friendly recreation areas located along the Aquidaban River.

7. Asuncion Cathedral

Paraguay Attractions: Top 17

Main entrance to Asuncion Catholic Cathedral

It is deservedly considered one of the oldest buildings, and at the same time the main attraction of the capital. Guides in Paraguay often invite guests of the republic to look at the cathedral, the construction of which began in 1561. The order regarding the construction of a new building was given by King Philip II of Spain. Previously, there was a temple on that place, which burned down during a big fire, since then there have been many changes. In the review of the memo, I would like to note that the facade of the cathedral was made in several architectural styles at once, high towers are placed on the sides. Getting to know him is a great opportunity to understand what the Gothic, Baroque, Moorish and neoclassical style is.

8. Lopez Palace

Attractions of Paraguay: Top 17

Presidential green lawn in front of Lopez Palace < p>Don't know where to go in Paraguay? Go to the government building, which houses the residence of the President of the Republic. The order to start construction in 1867 was given by Carlos Antonio Lopez, which can explain the origin of the name of the palace. It is recognized as one of the most symbolic buildings in the state. The described attraction of Paraguay is visible from afar thanks to the snow-white facade, and it is made in neoclassical style and decorated with additional elements of Palladianism. The decorations of the building are represented by relief columns, numerous arched vaults, which are decorated with beautiful stucco elements. In order to attract tourists, the palace is equipped with lighting, at night it creates an amazing show.

9. Chaco Plains (Gran Chaco)

Paraguay Attractions: Top 17

The Ceiba tree in the Paraguayan Chaco (Gran Chaco) Alex Wild

On the territory of Paraguay there are 20% of the plains, their height directly depends on the location. As for the name, the following can be said about it: the word “gran” in translation means “big”, and “chaco” is a kind of collective hunting among the Indians. Even in ancient times, this plain was a disputed territory. Its final redistribution took place in 2009. Traveling there is interesting because the plains have a fairly rich fauna. Tapirs, cougars, marsh deer, jaguars, nutrias and many other animals are found on the territory.

10. National University of Asuncion

Paraguay Attractions: Top 17

Facade of the National University of Asuncion FF MM

Where to go in Paraguay? Those who wish to see with their own eyes the oldest state educational institution, founded in 1889, can drive to the National University of the capital. Many important political figures are its alumni. When the university first started its work, there were only a few faculties. It was law, mathematics, medicine, pharmacy and midwifery, a school of clerks. Now the number of faculties has reached 12 pcs. Just imagine, 40 thousand students study there, and 6200 teachers read the program. This attraction has a high rating.

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11. Independence House

< p>Paraguay Attractions: Top 17

House Museum of Independence at the corner of President Franco and 14 May Roblespepe

The house, made in the colonial style, is located in the capital of the republic. It was in it that in 1811 a group of conspirators signed a declaration of independence of the republic from the metropolis of Spain. This explains the origin of the name of the house, and the Spaniard Antonio built it for his family. It was his children who were members of the group responsible for the coup. In 1943, the house was purchased by the government, and about 20 years later it was given the title of national historic value. Now there is a museum dedicated to the period in which the republic was declared independent. It received its first visitors in 1965. Still thinking about what to visit in Paraguay? Come to the House of Independence.

12. Saltos del Mondai Waterfall

Paraguay Attractions: Top 17

Streams of the Saltos del Monday waterfall

It is located in a national park in the Presidente Franco area, characterized by rich flora and fauna. The total area is 4 hectares, the height reaches 45 m, and the width is 120 m. On average, the water temperature is kept at +21 degrees Celsius. It is one of the main attractions because it is incredibly beautiful. It consists of three main currents, around there is a picturesque park with walking paths. Tourists often have picnics on its territory.

Attractions of Paraguay: what else to visit in Paraguay?

From the reviews about the republic, you can understand what you should definitely do while there. This is to walk along the wide avenues of the capital city, try real mate tea, buy a local “ao poi” T-shirt. Do not forget to familiarize yourself with the hotels in Paraguay before the trip, book a room using a special service. So you can be sure that you will not be left without a place to sleep.

Continue, what else to see in Paraguay?

13. Maca Village

< img title="Paraguay Attractions: Top 17" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/dostoprimechatelnosti-paragvaja-top-17-637e601.jpg" alt="Paraguay Attractions: Top 17" />< /p>Maka villagers in national costumes ElGatoUwur

Of all the attractions in Paraguay, this is one of the most interesting. Its uniqueness lies in the complete preservation of the primitive communal way of life. If you don’t know what to visit in Paraguay to get acquainted with the life of various segments of the population, the life of the Indians, then you are definitely in the village of Maka. You can get to it by bus. By and large, this is a place untouched by civilization, whose inhabitants do not know either Spanish or Guarani. If you plan to go there, then take care of a guide.

14. Rio Paraguay River

Sights of Paraguay: Top 17

The full-flowing river Rio Paraguay is the right tributary of the Parana

It is the right tributary of the Parana and is one of the largest rivers in the central and southern parts of the South American continent. The river is one of the main attractions of Paraguay, it also serves as the state border of the republic. The length of the permanent water flow reaches 2.5 thousand km. Its name comes from an old Indian word.

15. Ipacarai Lake

Sights of Paraguay: Top 17

View of the sunny Ipacarai Lake Level4

It is considered a large shallow water, and is located in the southeastern part of the country, extends for about 24 km from the north side and 6 km from west to east. This is a fairly popular holiday destination, not only for locals, but also for guests of the country, but at the same time, the lake is considered the most polluted. The reason lies in the progressive eutrophication. The condition of this landmark of Paraguay is deteriorating due to the influx of nitrogen from livestock farms, fields, and other adjacent territories.

16. Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Paraguay Attractions: Top 17

Basilica in Kaakupe – the center of pilgrimage for Catholics of Paraguay Signals

The Catholic temple, which is located in the city of Kaakupe, is the center of pilgrimage for local Catholics. At one time, it was given the status of a small basilica, as well as a national park.

17. Silvio Pettirossi Airport

Paraguay Attractions: Top 17

Silvio Pettirossi International and Domestic Airport FF MM

Silvio Pettirossi Airport. What to see in Paraguay? Attention should be paid to the airport, located 12 km from the central part of the capital. Planes of 17 airlines land on its territory, and there are also charters. There are no other airports in Asuncion.

Having decided to spend your holidays in the republic located in the central part of South America, it is important to know that precipitation is unevenly distributed there. In the west, they are the least, but closer to the east, the figure increases. But! Knowing what to see in Paraguay, you will be able to plan everything in detail, ensuring the most interesting trip for yourself.

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