Passengers were stunned when one tourist arrived on a flight having booked an entire row for himself and his huge dog

Passengers were stunned when one tourist arrived on a flight having booked a whole row for myself and my huge dog

While some large tourists huddle in economy class chairs, provoking the wrath of their neighbors, others buy the entire row for themselves and their dog. So, one traveler bought three plane tickets at once to make sure that his huge Great Dane would have a comfortable flight. Fellow travelers were dumbfounded by the tourist's decision.

According to the British newspaper Daily Star, the incident occurred on board an airliner en route from Los Angeles to New York. Gabriel Bogner, 27, traveled from California to the East Coast with his faithful dog named Darwin. But instead of the usual hassle of transporting a pet, the traveler decided to do something unusual. He bought three tickets in a row so that the huge dog could comfortably sit on several seats at once.

On board the plane, Darwin did not go unnoticed. He not only examined the cockpit, but also “greeted” the neighbors in the forefront. The dog delighted passengers with its size and unusual way of accommodation. The tourist himself described what is happening as an incredible experience. “People were absolutely stunned and shocked, but everyone was so happy to see him. I have never seen so many smiles at an airport. It was the first flight for my dog. There were no problems. They joked that she got an upgrade, but I didn’t,” added Bogner.

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