Passport printed on the printer: the passenger tried to deceive the border guards and was arrested

The passport was printed on the printer: the passenger tried to deceive the border guards and was arrested

The original violator was detained in Minsk. The border guards met a passenger who printed a passport on a printer and tried to deceive the border guards with it. An extraordinary approach did not work: the violator was detained.

The details provided by the State Border Committee of Belarus are as follows – the violator was identified at the checkpoint of the National Airport Minsk when registering passengers on a flight from Minsk to Yerevan. One of the passengers presented a Russian passport upon boarding, which immediately puzzled the inspectors. It quickly became clear that the document was completely fake. “All pages of the document were imitated as a genuine sample on ordinary office equipment,” the border guards said. That is, the “document” was printed on a conventional color printer.

The violator was placed in the temporary detention center of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of the Minsk City Executive Committee and they began to sort it out. During the proceedings, a passport of a citizen of Kazakhstan was found in the violator's personal belongings.

As a result, it turned out that this passenger was denied entry to Armenia, and he decided to circumvent the law using a fake document. As a result, for attempting to illegally cross the border, he faces a fine of up to 100 base units and deportation. “In addition, the use of a fake document provides for criminal liability – restriction of freedom for up to two years,” the border guards added.

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