Pegasus will open three 5-star hotels on the popular island among Russians

Pegasus will open three 5-star hotels on an island popular with Russians

The Pegasus tour operator announced the expansion of its hotel chain. According to information published in the Turkish press, the tour operator plans to open three five-star hotels at once on the island popular with Russians. It's about Cuba. Pegas Touristik has already opened its first hotel in Varadero and will continue to grow with 3 more new hotels.

These are the hotels that will operate under the Swandor brand. Previously, Pegas opened the PGS Varadero hotel on the island. According to the representative of the general management of this hotel, Cengiz Karaagach, the company's goal is to “develop in the field of hotel management in Cuba.”

“The first hotel in Cuba operates under the name PGS. We are considering buying and operating three more hotels. These hotels will operate under the Swandor brand and will be 5-star,” the spokesman said. According to him, new hotels will appear in the Cayo Coco region, in Varadero and Havana.

“Thus, we will have 4 hotels in Cuba, two of them in Varadero. Pegas Touristik has hotels in Turkey, Greece, Vietnam, Thailand, Egypt and now Cuba. There are 9 hotels in Pegas Touristik in total. Our investments in hotels will continue in countries where tourism is developed,” added Mr. Karaagach.

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