Photographing children and slums: Egypt introduces new rules for tourists

Photographing children and slums: Egypt has introduced new rules for tourists

The Egyptian authorities, represented by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, have announced that they have created and approved new regulations governing taking photographs in public places for personal use. According to the law, tourists will no longer be required to pay for filming, and tourists will no longer face camera confiscation. However, the law prohibits photographing children, as well as taking photographs “that could damage the image of the country.” So it's still risky to go into the slums with a camera.

However, tourists are no longer required to stealthily photograph Egypt's streets after the tourism ministry announced that amateur photography in the country's public spaces is now allowed. The reason for the introduction of these rules is apparently that foreign video bloggers, social media influencers, have drawn attention in recent months to the Egyptian authorities' practice of stopping people taking photos and videos, even at tourist sites, and confiscating camera equipment.

< p>“Photography using all kinds of traditional cameras, digital cameras and video cameras will be allowed free of charge. No permission must be obtained in advance,” the new rules say. Tourists also complained about this, reporting that local authorities requested permission to film in public places, and sometimes seized cameras and forbade filming, even if permission was in place.

Restrictions will remain in place for filming children. The rules also state that “it is strictly forbidden to take or share photographs of scenes that may, in one way or another, damage the image of the country.” Therefore, it is still risky to come to the slums with cameras – especially since the locals are unlikely to read the laws.

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