Phuket began monitoring tsunamis after a series of earthquakes on the islands

Tsunami monitoring started in Phuket after a series of earthquakes on the islands

coastal areas for tourists. Now departments monitor the situation at the resorts. Such a statement was issued by the authorities of the Thai island, local media quoted it.

The last earthquake, reported by the non-state Phuket Earthquake Monitoring and Observation Center, occurred on April 10 in the evening at 21:17. The force of the jolts was rated by experts at 4.8 on the Richter scale. The underground storm, which happened at a depth of about 40 km, was the seventh in a row in recent days. Later, the magnitude of the aftershocks was revised and amounted to 5.1 points.

On April 10, the tremors began with one at 8:32 am, recorded with a magnitude of 5.2. The epicenter was located 450 km west of the resort island of Phuket at a depth of 10 km. Then at 17:43 pm another quake of magnitude 4.7, later revised to 5.0, struck 440 km west of Phuket at the same depth. A little later, another one at 20:34 pm: initially his strength was estimated at 5.1 points. The impact site is about 400 km west of Phuket at a depth of only 10 km. Later, the earthquake was increased to 5.5 points.

The authorities of the paradise island have not yet issued any official tsunami warnings for the region, but are closely monitoring the situation. Coastal areas are usually densely populated with a large number of hotels and pleasure boats. In a disaster such as a tsunami, they are the first to be very vulnerable.

Help: Most tsunamis are caused by underwater earthquakes, during which there is a sharp shift, i.e. raising or lowering a section of the seabed. Tsunamis are formed during an earthquake of any strength, but those that arise due to strong earthquakes, i.e. with a magnitude of more than 7 points.

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