Phuket resets the hated mandate: tourists on the island received special privileges

Phuket resets the hated mandate: tourists on the island received special privileges

The Thai resort island of Phuket has become the first province of the kingdom where the order that bothered tourists, or rather, completely hated in in all respects a mandate – namely, the requirement to comply with the mask regime in the open air. True, the ban has been partially lifted.

Phuket will be the first province to officially allow the removal of masks on the beach, in public parks, sports stadiums and other public places. At the same time, the obligation to wear masks in rooms and in public places remains. Social distancing continues to be recommended. In all other provinces of Thailand, including the same resort Pattaya, the mask regime remains in force.

Thai tourist market experts, however, hope that this will not last long. The permanent secretary of the Ministry of Public Health, Kyattiphum Wongrajit, has already said that the ministry should abandon the mask mandate in open spaces. For starters – in certain areas of Thailand. It is, as the official explained, about areas “with a low number of cases of the disease, high rates of vaccination and medical preparedness.” Phuket became the first province.

The approximate date when the rest of the provinces will get rid of the hated mandate, the official tentatively called mid-June. At the same time, the Thai media noted that the spokesman for the Prime Minister of Thailand, Prayut Chan-o-cha, said that “the government does not plan to allow people to take off their masks.”

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