Playing with fire: Russian tourists were warned about the Egyptian prison in violation of a number of intimate rules

Playing with fire: Russian tourists warned about Egyptian prison for violating a number of intimate rules

“Behave decently, take care of yourself,” a blogger who has long lived in the country of the Pyramids warned Russian tourists who are going to stay for a long time or just relax in Egypt on her channel in Yandex.Zen. Things that are conditionally permissible from the point of view of European morality in Egypt are a real “playing with fire”, seriously fraught with imprisonment and deportation, the blogger warns. This mainly concerns intimate relationships with local residents.

Where is the “risk zone”? As the blogger said, she “happened to talk” with Russian tourists who “talked frivolously about their personal lives.” “We met on the beach. A couple of words were exchanged. And they told what they are doing in Egypt. At least I talked to them and explained that you can’t behave like that in Egypt. But another person could have simply turned himself in to the police for such frankness,” the blogger said.

According to her, for Egypt, this is a “common story”: “they flew in on vacation, but they liked it, they decided to stay, the money ran out.” “One admitted that she meets on the site and invites men for a special massage for 1000 pounds. Another sunbathed with an Egyptian, to the question “who is it with you”, with a blue eye she said that it was just like that, she was helping her with money. Or it happens that they come to live in an Egyptian apartment, on his maintenance, ”the blogger said.

Further, she noted that these acquaintances of hers were lucky – they flew away safely. But “for such cases, the Egyptian prison cries for them.” “Providing intimate services for money is a terrible crime in an Arab country. The police in Egypt work very well, do not underestimate them. By the “knock” of the house guard, neighbor, etc. a raid will arrive and the Russian beauty will be taken away to sort it out, ”the blogger warns. Moreover, for the arrest, it is enough for the man to testify that the girl provides services for money, and moreover, just the very fact of having money in the apartment.

By the way, those who try to live with an Egyptian without marriage run the same risk of going to prison. not even having issued the local simplest kind of marriage contract (ORFI). According to the blogger, agreeing without this piece of paper to meet with the Egyptian in the apartment, the girls are at great risk. “In Egypt, you cannot be alone with an Arab man in the same apartment. Here, for example, a woman calls the master – she leaves the door to the apartment open so that the neighbors can make sure that they don’t do anything “such” in the sense of intimacy there, ”the blogger writes. A concierge, a cleaner, etc. can “snitch”. For a tourist, the same result is a trial and a prison.

“According to Egyptian law, whoever gets caught, if there is no citizenship, then only deportation. But first they will be held in a terrible Egyptian prison. Now only one police station in Cairo is holding the 10th Slav woman this year. Sleeping on cardboard. Everyone says – they say, I met a guy and came to him, ”says the blogger. Moreover, in general, only “kind people from Russian groups in social networks” care about the fate of these girls, while the boyfriends themselves “evaporate”. “Behave decently, take care of yourself,” the blogger concludes.

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