Point: Russian tourists were immediately left without 21 tour operators

Point: Russian tourists were immediately left without 21 tour operators

Twenty-one tour operators will immediately stop working, according to the latest order of the Federal Tourism Agency. Recall that 21 or simply Point, also called twenty-one points, is a Russian version of a card game known in many countries. Ironically, the latest order of Rostourism contains a list of 21 tour operators excluded from the register.

We note in particular that in this order of Rostourism, traditionally, the victims of financial guarantees turned out to be the most – in connection with the failure to provide information about financial support, 19 companies were removed from the register. Another stopped work voluntarily, and another was expelled for providing false information. It should be noted that such a number of companies in the exclusion order is not a record, some orders thinned the market by 30-40 companies at once. However, the downward trend in small and medium-sized tourism businesses is obvious.

So about the victims. Due to inaccurate information, Sea and River Cruises LLC was removed from the register. The tour operator Agroexperiya LLC left the market, submitting a statement on the termination of the tour operator's activities.

As for the rest of the victims, who were deleted from the register “due to failure to provide information about the availability of financial security for a new period”, these are the following travel agencies :

  1. Smart Travel LLC
  2. Raido LLC
  3. Smart School LLC
  4. House of the Sun LLC »
  5. Lotos LLC
  6. Purga Firm LLC
  7. Finist Travel Travel Company LLC
  8. Delovoy Most LLC
  9. Expedition Store LLC
  10. Mosaero JSC
  11. Classic Tours LLC
  12. Sokotel LLC »
  13. Bear Paradise LLC
  14. Razvitie LLC
  15. Open World LLC
  16. Lifestyle Travel LLC
  17. Postoyalyi Dvor LLC
  18. Tur Dagestan LLC
  19. Azimut Hotels and Resorts LLC

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