Poll Names Egypt Worst Tourist Destination: Tourists Reveal Reasons

Poll Names Egypt Worst Destination: Tourists Tell Why

“At once several threads of comments were about how tourists, when they visited Cairo, faced corrupt police, scammers and even sexual harassment and attacks,” BuzzFeed recounts. Despite the fact that tourists recognize the Pyramids of Giza as an “absolute miracle”, they do not recommend traveling to them – scammers openly deceive tourists and steal money from them.

The following are the reviews of tourists:

  • “The Giza Plateau was stunning and absolutely worth the visit. Alas, the whole impression is instantly spoiled by peddlers, beggars and “tourist police”. “They will ask: “Hey, my friend, where from?” – what will depend on how much they can charge you and what prices you will tolerate. saying a firm no,” complains one tourist.
  • “Taxi is a pure scam, use Uber through the app and always see that they have completed the previous trip. Also don't believe any stories from guides that say “this place is closed, follow me on a real tour” or anything like that. Be prepared to just ignore them and even act rude, that won't stop them as they do this hundreds of times a day when they bargain with tourists.”
  • “Be careful with hygiene. You've probably already heard, but you can't drink tap water and be careful not to swallow it while showering. Also be careful with local products. If it has been washed (which is unlikely), it has most likely been washed under tap water.”
  • “We didn't visit the pyramids, but the temples in Cairo and Luxor were amazing, the Luxor Museum was great. I claim this is one of the best trips I have ever taken. But we had to go through catcalling more than once (a form of harassment in the form of whistling, beckoning and other intrusive compliments). But we were three white women, so it was unavoidable, I think,” the tourists say.

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