Popular beach country canceled visa-free travel for Russians

Popular beach country canceled visa-free travel for Russians

Tourist visa-free travel for Russians was canceled by Albania. Traditionally, the country allowed Russian tourists visa-free entry from May 1 to September 30, i.e. for the summer season. It was also resumed after the coronavirus epidemic – from 2021, but canceled this season.

“The Embassy of the Republic of Albania in the Russian Federation informs that, in accordance with the amendments of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania dated April 20, 2023 , … the visa-free regime for citizens of the Russian Federation is canceled (annually from May 01 to September 30), ”the statement of the country's embassy is quoted in RIA Novosti. Tourists who still wish to visit Albania will need to fill out an application for an e-visa on the embassy website. Also, entry into the country is allowed on a valid and open Schengen, American or British visa – that is, one on which the tourist has already traveled to the country that opened the visa.

At the same time, the “sanctions” nature of the cancellation of visas by the Albanian authorities denied – and this has already led to a diplomatic shackle in social networks. The Ukrainian diplomatic mission in Albania was quick to say that it thanked Albania for the “solidarity and support in the fight against Russia” thus expressed. Russian diplomats called this comment a provocation.

They also noted that the abolition of the summer visa-free regime is not “anti-Russian” in nature, as it has been applied to several countries at once and called on the Albanian authorities to respond to this “provocative stuffing”. At the same time, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Bahrain remained in the list of countries that are allowed visa-free entry into Albania.

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