Popular country opens nuclear bunker for tourists to visit

Popular country opens nuclear bunker for tourists

Some original tourist sites are planning to use the Europeans' fear of a new political crisis for tourism purposes. A popular tourist country is opening a nuclear bunker for tourists to visit, AFP reports. The object dates back to the Cold War period and has never been used for its intended purpose, but in the current conditions it will become popular with tourists, the creators of the attraction are sure.

From Monday, February 13, the Regan Vest nuclear bunker in the north of Denmark will operate as a museum, welcoming tourists to the north of Denmark. According to Danish experts, the bunker was created after the Soviet Union tested its hydrogen bomb. It was built over 5 years (from 1963 to 1968), and the government considered it separately necessary after the escalation of tension after the Cuban missile crisis in 1962. At the same time, the bunker was intended not for the population as a whole, but for the highest levels of power, for the royal family and members of the cabinet.

Located almost 400 kilometers from Copenhagen and at a depth of 60 meters under a chalk hill, it was supposed to be the “last bastion” of democracy in Denmark, museum director Lars Christian Norbach solemnly told the agency. “The survival of the government in the event of a nuclear catastrophe was essential to national sovereignty. As long as there is a government, even hidden in a bunker, the Danish state will still exist,” the expert added.

Further, the bunker was decommissioned in 2003, and its location was declassified in 2012. And now Danish experts are planning to take the next step by making the bunker open to tourists “so they can experience a real Cold War time capsule.”

In the bunker, tourists will be able to see the main bedroom, designed for the monarch, the dining room , a government conference room, and 60s-style décor in a dimly lit living room. Everything is preserved in its original form. Visitors are offered a 1.5 hour tour, during which they will walk through the underground galleries for almost two kilometers. The creators of the museum admitted that they hope that the interest in visiting the bunker will be warmed up by the current political situation – it’s not for nothing that all the old fears of Russia are being inflated in Europe, including the fear of nuclear war.

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