Popular island nation in Southeast Asia removes entry restrictions for Russians

Popular island nation in Southeast Asia removes entry restrictions for Russians

Another country plans to start getting rid of COVID-19 in the near future restrictions and allow tourists, including Russian ones. We are talking about the Philippines, which will soon lift the requirements for testing for Covid-19 for arriving tourists, including Russians, and the mandatory wearing of masks indoors. This information was announced by the Minister of Tourism Cristina Garcia Frasco.

True, as in other Asian countries, deliverance will be gradual. First, fully vaccinated tourists entering the Philippines will be allowed entry without being tested for Covid-19, while unvaccinated people will be given the opportunity to take an antigen test 24 hours before travel or upon arrival in the Philippines. But compared to the stringent testing and even quarantine requirements, this is undoubtedly a mitigation. In addition, the Philippines recently announced that they will be phasing out the One Health Pass (OHP), i.e. the local equivalent of a QR code.

With regard to the mask regime, the wearing of masks indoors will continue to be required in public transport, medical transport and in medical facilities. For persons from the risk zone, wearing masks will be “recommended”, but no more.

Recall that the countries of Southeast Asia are easing restrictions on tourists one after another. So back in early October, Japan “surrendered” by significantly weakening border anti-COVID security measures from October 11. After this date, there is no ban on travel to Japan for foreign tourists, including Russians. Read more at this link.

Thailand and South Korea have simplified entry rules even earlier. The first one, as a whole, has been available to tourists for a month without any problems, and domestic carriers promise to launch flights. South Korea has also canceled the previously mandatory coronavirus test for entry into the country. Details in this material.

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