Popular Mediterranean country eases entry rules for Russian tourists

Popular Mediterranean country eases entry rules for Russian tourists

Another popular Mediterranean country, where Russian tourists may well get, has removed “covid barriers”. We are talking about Tunisia. According to an official statement from the country's tourism office, “following the improvement in Tunisian indicators related to Covid-19, and taking into account the steady state of the epidemic on a national and international scale” (read here), the Ministry of Health decided to exempt “all arriving in the territory of Tunisia from the obligation to present negative PCR or antigen test result or vaccine passport. Those. tourists will be able to enter without any problems.

As for the mask regime, it remains mandatory to wear a mask only for those who have symptoms of infection. Also in the recommendations is ventilation of enclosed spaces.

“Sanitary protocols will be updated in accordance with the development of the epidemiological situation,” the experts added.

Let us recall that only China is “across” the general trend for the complete removal of covid barriers, where measures are again tightened. We are talking about such a popular city as Shanghai, and such popular places as Disneyland and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

Tourist attractions have been temporarily closed since Tuesday due to the latest outbreak of COVID-19 in the city. And we are talking about only 20 local confirmed cases and 158 asymptomatic carriers for a whole multi-million city. We add that Disneyland announced the closure just four days after the resumption of work on November 25th. Oriental Pearl was closed to the public the day before and “until further notice”. Also, by the way, Shanghai has tightened testing requirements for restaurants and other commercial establishments. All their visitors must present a 48-hour negative test result. Fortunately, until the end of 2022, the service is free. However, those who arrived or returned to Shanghai for less than five days are prohibited from entering public places such as restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, food markets, etc. Local officials have advised residents – as expected – to stay at home. Read the details here.

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