Popular with Russians is becoming the main wedding destination for tourists

Popular among Russians is becoming the main wedding destination for tourists

A country popular with Russian tourists is counting on attracting original niche tourists and becoming the main wedding destination. We are talking about India – more precisely, about the campaign launched by the country's Ministry of Tourism. Its slogan is “India says yes”, its mission is to draw attention to India as the main destination for weddings.

“This initiative aims to showcase India as a destination for weddings and unlock the huge potential of its wedding industry. The campaign aims to use new opportunities to lift tourism in India to an unprecedented level. The aim of the campaign is to expand the wedding industry in India by inviting couples from all over the world to go on an extraordinary journey to celebrate their special day in India,” the ministry said.

Tourism Minister J. Kishan Reddy, who launched the program in Mumbai, said “this is the start of an exceptional journey towards making India the ideal wedding destination.” “The campaign will provide a unique wedding experience in every aspect, from the first meeting to the last vows, which is an example of the warm hospitality and rich heritage of India,” he said.

Details so far – the campaign includes about 25 key areas throughout India. “From breathtaking landscapes to sacred rituals, from delectable culinary experiences to state-of-the-art infrastructure, this campaign epitomizes the splendor of India. The campaign is a celebration of the fusion of India's ancient heritage and modern elegance, which will encourage couples from all over the world to embark on an unforgettable journey of love and celebration. Tourists are also promised weddings on the beach, nature-themed celebrations, royal weddings, Himalayan weddings and more.

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