Popular with tourists, the country has surrendered, simplifying the rules of entry

A country popular with tourists has given up, simplifying entry rules

The number of countries that are lifting and easing covid restrictions has been replenished with resort destinations in North Africa. After Tunisia, it was the turn of Morocco, where they also abandoned part of the restrictions for tourists at the entrance. True, the country has not yet restored a direct flight to Russia.

So far, however, only one “pandemic” barrier has been removed in Morocco, namely, the mandatory PCR test. Previously, it, handed over no earlier than 48 hours before boarding the plane, was required to be presented at the entrance to the country. Now there is no such need. Other requirements remain: tourists still need to show a vaccination certificate – Morocco recognizes both Sputnik V and Sputnik Light, and fill out a health questionnaire before departure. A random antigen test, which can be done at the airport, is also in force.

However, it is quite possible that these restrictions will not last long. The state of emergency sanitary situation in the country has been extended until May 31, 2022.

But the “air sanctions” are likely to last longer. Recall that Morocco was one of the first countries that, although it did not close the sky for Russians, was forced to cancel transportation to Russia due to blackmail from international insurers. As a result, our tourists can get to this country through Cairo or Istanbul. The issue price is about 40 thousand rubles. for one-way tickets.

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