Posters in Russian were posted at bus stops in Antalya

Posters in Russian were posted at bus stops in Antalya

Bus stops in the main tourist province of Turkey were equipped by local authorities with information posters intended exclusively for Russian-speaking tourists. True, not all, but only those areas where predominantly Russians live.

We are talking about Antalya, a resort town on the Mediterranean Sea, which annually receives millions of foreign tourists and in which an unprecedented number of Russians and European retirees who have moved to warmer climates due to rising heating costs in Europe. The growth is so high that in some areas of Antalya, the Turks were in the minority.

In particular, some areas are already being called “Russian quarters”, and local officials are adapting the infrastructure for the convenience of visitors. For example, posters in Russian were placed at bus stops. The photos posted in the Turkish media show a QR code offering to track the movement of the necessary buses and see the current public transport schedule. For convenience, you can download the corresponding mobile application.

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