Price swings began for tickets to Antalya, tourists are shocked

Price swings have begun for tickets to Antalya, tourists are in shock

Everyone wants to go to Turkey in June, but no one wants to return from there, said the author of the Yandex. Zen. Therefore, shocked tourists again observe the “swing” in the price difference: a flight from Antalya with luggage is only 3,600 rubles, and to Antalya for the sun – 17 times more expensive.

According to the traveler's observation, a paradoxical situation has arisen again in the air ticket market: Turkey is popular with our compatriots on any holidays. Thus, “price swings” were recorded during the long May holidays, as the Russians were in no hurry to leave the main resort province for home: then very cheap tickets for regular and charter flights to Moscow with a departure on May 4 and beyond suddenly appeared. Now the situation has repeated itself, because ahead of the Independence Day of Russia, which is celebrated in the Russian Federation on June 12: the holiday falls on Sunday, so the Russians have an extra day off. “Why not fly to Antalya?” asked the author.

“Everyone wants to go there, but no one wants to go back… Therefore, the prices just fell. Very much down. For flights from Antalya to Moscow on June 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, the price of a ticket with luggage is about 3'600 – 3'700 rubles. per person, – explained the Russian woman. – And from Moscow to Antalya, the prices are somehow unrealistic! June 6 departure – 51'480 rubles. – on Turkish Airlines one way with luggage or departure on June 7 – 61,734 rubles. on the Red Wings… and there are very few seats left.” Again, as in May, flying to the Mediterranean Sea in the coming dates is much more expensive for Russian tourists than returning back.

Air carriers offer a flight to the main resort province of Turkey on June 10 at “standard prices” – 42,638 rubles Turkish Airlines one way.

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