Prices for a new Aeroflot flight to Turkey shocked the Russians: this has not yet been observed

Prices for Aeroflot's new flight to Turkey shocked Russians: this has never been seen before

Aeroflot's prices for a new flight to Turkish resort Izmir was extremely surprised by tourists, tour operators, and after them the Turkish press, which reprinted reviews of shocked Russians. Thus, the price for a flight turned out to be more expensive than the prices of a full package tour from tour operators, which includes both flights, accommodation and meals, and such a ratio of ticket prices to tours has not been observed for a long time.

Recall that the national carrier announced flights to Izmir from May 27 four times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Departure from Sheremetyevo at 8:00, arrival in Izmir – 12:50 local time. Return flight – 14:20, arrival in Moscow – at 19:10. Travel time is 4 hours 50 minutes.

But the most important thing here is not the schedule, but the prices: the baggage-free fare at the start of the program starts from 49 thousand rubles. per passenger, fare with luggage – from 57 thousand rubles. For summer time, prices will range from 59 thousand rubles. for a ticket with luggage on weekdays and from 70.5 thousand rubles. on the weekend. Tickets for August are offered from 77 thousand rubles. In all cases, we are talking about a fare with luggage.

As a result, tourists will have to pay from 118 to 154 thousand rubles for tickets for two. It is not surprising that ATOR experts noted that tourism market experts consider Aeroflot's tariffs for the Turkish resort to be too high. And, as the Turkish press emphasized, Aeroflot flights turned out to be more expensive than package tours to Izmir.

Experts cite the following prices – for Coral Travel in June, the price of a tour to a 5 * hotel in Kusadasi with transportation on Pegasus Airlines will be from 131,614 rubles. for two. At Anex, tours of its flight program to Izmir on the same Pegasus Airlines – which will begin on April 29 – at 3 * for breakfast will cost 123 thousand rubles. for two; and a package tour to a 4 * all-inclusive hotel – from 133,800 rubles. for two. Intourist offers tours from 145 thousand rubles. for two.

Recall that earlier the national carrier announced the expansion of transportation to Antalya. From one flight per day, the carrier is gradually planning to expand to five or six in the high season, and on wide-body liners. True, ticket prices are also “inspire”. As noted in ATOR, it is likely that most of the tickets are occupied by the blocks of the partner tour operator, and only a part of the tickets goes into free sale. Read the details at this link.

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