Published a list of the worst airlines, where most often damage the luggage of tourists

The list of the worst airlines with the most damaged luggage of tourists has been published

On the eve of the massive summer holidays, European tourists have been warned which airlines most often “provide” tourists with luggage problems. In the first place, almost expectedly, was the low-cost airline Ryanair. However, the well-known Emirates, which is also used by Russian tourists, was also included in the list.

The study was commissioned by luggage company Trifibre, which specializes in protective suitcases. According to its researchers, who in turn cite data from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), out of 823 damaged baggage claims filed with airlines between 2015 and 2020, more than one in ten were handled by airlines. Irish low-cost carrier. In second place, with 6% of Emirates, the bankrupt Alitalia took third with 5% or 40 baggage damage claims.

Tourists were warned that the chances of success if you go to court for damaged luggage are “less than half the chance of success.” But it will take a lot of time: on average, it will take 154 days to settle. And the record was set again by Ryanair – one tourist sued the carrier for 868 days over luggage – i.e. the process took almost 2.5 years.

In addition to the obvious recommendation to take the most valuable and fragile things as hand luggage, the authors of the study also advised to carry out “preparatory work”. In particular, make sure your travel insurance covers damage to your luggage and get the right suitcase. Also, the experts repeated the advice of the movers – they recommend four-wheel suitcases and advise not to overload them too much, as heavy bags are more at risk of being damaged. Tourists are also advised to check their luggage immediately upon receipt – so there are more chances, if something is lost, to receive compensation.

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