Puddles of urine, stench and criminals everywhere: tourist hates popular European resorts during dream vacation

Puddles of urine, stench and criminals everywhere: tourist hates popular European resorts during her dream vacation

A tourist from Australia claims that Barcelona in Spain is covered in puddles of urine, stinks and is infested with criminals, and on the island of Capri in Italy it is too hot, and in addition, walking is tiring because of the stairs. The girl told in a video for TikTok how she went on a dream vacation, but ended up hating popular European resorts.

Australian Mikaela Testa, with 2.4 million subscribers on TikTok, posted a video about her trip to Italy, to a beautiful island Capri. This place in the Gulf of Naples is famous for its luxurious hotels, stunning views and rugged landscapes. Tourists praise it for its great sunny weather, bright blue sea, beautiful beaches and designer shops. But Michaela was not particularly impressed.

“Bloggers come to these places and show them as beautiful, photogenic and simply amazing, but half of the pictures are edited and filtered, not real. I hardly see anyone mention any negative points, so I don’t even want to name them, so as not to seem like a bitch,” said the tourist.

After listing everything she didn't like about Capri and Italy in general, she moved on to the cons: “It takes a whole day to get to the place you want. I seem to be burning 3,000 calories a day going up and down stairs.” The girl also added that the heat was unbearable, and she had to douse herself with water to cool down.

Michaela explained that she recorded a video when she was traveling in Europe with friends for 3 months and really wanted to just return home. “There comes a point in life when you start to hate everything around you, and you just need something stable. Like my own bed, my own TV and my cats,” the tourist complained.

Inherited from Mikaela not only Italy, but also Spain, in particular – Barcelona. In another video, she advised vacationers to “skip” the city. It is known for its impressive Sagrada Familia, sandy beaches, delicious food and modernist buildings. However, Michaela believes that it is not worth going there.

“I step on piss every single day, it stinks in here and it’s terrible. It's 8 p.m. and yes, we're out in our pajamas because it doesn't make sense to look good in this city,” she said, adding that her friends had their phones stolen and they were just bored in Barcelona.

< p>In the comments under the video, many disagreed with the point of view of the tourist and wrote that Barcelona is an amazing city. In response, Michaela was indignant: “Why does no one mention such negative points as literally everywhere puddles of urine and major crimes, violence, theft in daylight?”

Other users in the comments noted that she and her friends were wearing hats and warm Uggs, and then complained about the heat. Another commenter wrote: “I have lived in six different countries, Barcelona is by far my favorite city. It is beautiful and the atmosphere is impeccable.”

However, there were those who agreed with Michaela. One woman said: “Barcelona seemed rough to me. My phone and wallet were stolen.” And another person added: “I just got back from Barcelona and I feel the same way as you … it was not for me.”

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