Rats and huge cockroaches run: Russian tourist arrived in Indonesia and suddenly wanted to go back to Thailand

Rats and huge cockroaches are running around: a Russian tourist came to Indonesia and suddenly wanted to go back to Thailand< /p> The Russian traveler, who arrived in the Indonesian capital Jakarta from Thailand, was not impressed by a new country for herself and said that her journey around the country began on a sad note. The girl was upset by unsanitary conditions, lack of hospitality and high prices in stores for local fruits and vegetables. She told about it in her Yandex.Zen blog.

“I didn’t expect to ever say this, but yes, we are in Jakarta and we started to miss India here. I don’t understand how local people live here, and, to be honest, they are kind of lethargic compared to India, Malaysia, Thailand, ”she complained and added that local street food, unlike the one that the tourist tried in neighboring Asian countries, looks “very unappetizing”. According to her, this is understood not only by visitors, but also by locals who “refuse to eat such things and sit at home.”

The frustrated traveler stated that Indonesia is far from ideal Thailand. For some reason it looks more like India. It is dirty here, often there is rubbish lying under your feet: in almost every corner of Jakarta there is a garbage heap. Fetid ditches – they were just only in India, but it turns out that the Indonesians adhere to the same untidy life. Therefore, nasty rats and huge cockroaches run through the streets. This is, briefly, about Indonesia,” the author noted.

In addition, she was upset by the coldness of the locals. They, according to the blogger, do not seek to feed travelers and do not even meet them with love. “And we hoped to feel the atmosphere of Thailand here. There was a lot of street yummy, temples and local Thais met us with some special love. Just enter any Thai temple and they will definitely meet you, offer you to rest, sit under the fan, and even offer to spend the night here, ”she complained that she had to look for food and accommodation in Jakarta on her own.

However most of all, the Russian woman was “hooked” by food prices in the Indonesian capital. They turned out to be very tall. “Any product in the store costs 20 rubles more than in Thailand. Chocolates, cookies, bread, even shampoos and deodorants, chips, drinks – everything is much more expensive in Jakarta! That is why local supermarkets are always so empty,” the author concluded, speaking of deserted stores.

Due to the general high cost, the budget traveler adapted to eating instant noodles. One can only dream of fruits and vegetables: despite the fact that most of these goods are not imported, but grow in the same country, the price tag for them is very impressive. Here is the cost of some of them:

  1. Mango – 250 rubles/kg
  2. Citrus fruits – 300 rubles/kg
  3. Bananas – 180-200 rubles ./kg

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