Real lycanthropy: a tourist turned into a werewolf and bit the police at a popular resort

Real lycanthropy: a tourist turned into a werewolf and bit the police at a popular resort

Scandal and chaos were sown on the Spanish resort island of Mallorca by a British tourist, obviously who took too much for the collar, and probably not only alcohol. If problems with drunken tourists are very typical for Spanish resorts, then the appearance of tourists biting police officers, even while in the police station, is still an original phenomenon: we can say that a process of lycanthropy has taken place – the transformation of a person into a werewolf…

< p>According to local media, at first a heavily drunk 46-year-old tourist from the UK began to rage at the Camp de Mar hotel. Eyewitnesses say that already at the time the tourist checked into the hotel, he was very drunk – and in the process he continued to drink alcohol and rowdy. Among other things, he attacked several tourists, and when two hotel employees tried to calm him down, he grabbed one of them by the neck and bit him.

As a result, around 21:00, the hotel staff called the Civil Guard for help. At the sight of the police, the inadequate “at first calmed down, then tried to fight with them, and then run away.” But the police detained the brawler and took him to the pre-trial detention center in Andratx “because he continued to insult the officers and threaten violence.” But the matter did not end there either.

After the tourist was locked in the cell, he began to howl and drop the door. When two officers appeared to calm him down, the tourist again rushed at them and tried to bite. As a result, the brawler was taken to the hospital to calm down.

The sobered “werewolf” appeared before the preliminary court. Charges have been brought against him, including inflicting injury, resisting police, and assaulting employees while on duty. So far, the tourist has been released on bail in the amount of 2,300 euros. The investigation is trying to find out if the tourist used something more potent than alcohol at the same time.

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