Resort attack by thousands of cockroaches ruins dream vacation for hundreds of tourists

Attack of resort by thousands of cockroaches ruined hundreds of tourists' dream vacation

The “dream vacation” that hundreds of tourists hoped to spend in a Spanish resort turned into a nightmare. The reason is the “attack” on the hotel of thousands of “cockroaches and ants”, as the affected tourists complained to the NY-Post.

According to one of the victims, they laid out almost $9,000 for their 10-day family vacation, but were forced to flee, as the hotel was “infested with thousands of cockroaches and ants.” We are talking about the hotel Beatriz Playa and Spa in the resort of Lanzarote, the publication explains. The tour was purchased in an organized manner through the tour operator Jet2. But instead of the expected relaxation and rest, the tour brought horror.

“It was psychologically devastating. I would like this trip to never happen at all,” the tourist complained. According to her, on the fourth night of the holiday, her son Perry noticed cockroaches in the entertainment area of ​​the resort. And he said that “there are quite a lot of them.” Further, the invasion of insects in the resort began on a full scale: tourists literally met them in droves and everywhere – in the toilet next to the entertainment area, in their rooms, another tourist claimed that he had seen cockroaches in the kitchen, and as a result, tourists refused to eat in the hotel restaurant . Frightened tourists refused to sleep in the rooms due to the invasion of insects, and after calling the hotline they were offered to be moved to the upper rooms – but there were only more cockroaches. By the end of the week, the ants had joined in.

“We ended up staying at the resort for a week and headed home, paying another $300 for a return ticket. The weather in the UK was disgusting, but I was so glad that there were no damn bugs anywhere, ”said the tourist. She added that the tour operator offered them a new place to stay, and also assured that he had spoken with the hotel and the insects were being eliminated there. “However, I did not see anyone coming,” the tourist added.

“We did not see any action from the hotel, although it was obvious that there were hundreds of these insects. No one even tried to do anything, ”the indignant tourist complains. As the representatives of the publication assure, there was no comment from the hotel.

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