Resorts in Thailand are discriminated against

Thai resorts are discriminated against

At least one resort in southwestern Thailand's popular province of Krabi has been accused by Thai tourists of discriminatory service standards. According to locals, the hotel provided better treatment for foreign guests and neglected domestic travelers for financial gain.

According to an accusation published by The Thaiger, a hotel on Railay Beach favored foreign guests with higher purchasing power over them . This conclusion was made by a Thai tourist, who published a corresponding video post on TikTok (@thetharm) and received support.

It was clarified that the incident occurred last Sunday, January 29. In the video, a man and his friends explain to the hotel staff that they booked a room for 5,000 baht (10.7 thousand rubles) per night. The rate included a golf cart transfer from the car park to Nam Mao Pier and a boat ride from Nam Mao Pier to Railay Beach where the hotel was located.

When they arrived at the parking lot, the hotel staff notified the company that a shuttle from the parking lot to the pier was not available, so tourists would have to carry their bags and belongings to the pier on their own. Later, upon arrival at the pier, the group learned that a group of foreign tourists had arrived from the parking lot in a minibus. The Thais were angry because no one had notified them that the shuttle was free. As a result, the Thais felt that the hotel cares more about foreign guests, providing them with the best service, rather than local ones, because. believe that the former are more solvent.

The scandalous appeal of the Thai launched a wave of discontent. A traveler responded to his video and said she supported another local hotel during the pandemic when there were no foreign guests. She paid 2.5 thousand baht (5.4 thousand rubles) per night and received excellent service in return. However, when she returned there with friends after the removal of covid restrictions, she faced a completely different attitude.

Another example: a Thai citizen told on social networks how she spent two weeks with her foreign boyfriend in a Thai hotel and spent 100,000 baht (214,000 rubles) on it. However, they later found out that restaurants, hotels, and vendors at every tourist attraction charged them more than local tourists just because her boyfriend was a foreigner. So, for example, the driver of a tourist boat at the Damnoen Saduak floating market in the central province of Ratchabuti charged them 5 thousand baht (10.7 thousand rubles) for a two-hour boat trip along the canal.

However, a local boatman, who witnessed the incident with the Thai tourist group, was interviewed by Thairath the other day. According to him, local tourist boats and vendors in Krabi or Railay Beach provide the same level of service to all visitors at the same price, whether they are Thais or foreigners, so there is no discrimination. The man added that, in his opinion, the problem at the hotel arose due to the fact that the staff was busy due to the influx of tourists. He noted that the hotel will most likely admit its fault and improve its service.

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