Rogue and drunkards are not needed: the popular resort decided to cut off the tourist flow of poor tourists and reduce the number of hotels

Rogue and drunkards are not needed: the popular resort decided to cut off the tourist flow of poor tourists and reduce the number of hotels

This year, tourists may encounter difficulties while searching for hotels for holidays in Spain, and more precisely in the Balearic Islands (resorts of Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera), because. popular resorts close thousands of hotel rooms. According to the Express, the islands in the Mediterranean have changed their tactic to attract holidaymakers: now they want to see fewer low-income people in their hotels, i.e. rogues, and more wealthy tourists, leading to plans to reduce the number of hotels.

If this happens, resort hotel capacity will be reduced by as much as 100,000 people. The president of the Balearic Islands, Francine Armengol, said the cuts would come within four years. She added that they must “make a decision” while ensuring “balance” in the islands.

This is not the only problem that may affect the rest of Russians and other tourists in Spain. The tourism sector in the Balearic Islands is struggling to find the right amount of staff before the summer, but high rents and low salaries cannot provide hotels with “working” hands.

According to local media, some employees are forced to live in their cars, and desperate hotels are using some of their rooms to rent out to employees. Some hotels on the islands may not be able to open at all during the busy summer season due to the lack of materials necessary for the functioning of the pools. Many of the hotel's pools cannot be used until the current equipment is replaced, with a six-month waiting time for deliveries.

New tourism laws planned for the Balearic Islands could even mean the end of beach clubs on the islands, especially in party Ibiza. But the biggest change for tourists this year are new rules in place in Ibiza and Mallorca that limit the amount of alcohol tourists can drink even if they have paid for an all-inclusive package. This means that the tourist flow from vacationers who are interested in the islands only in terms of alcohol and wild life will also be reduced. For details, read the article “Tourists are furious after the introduction of the rule “6 drinks a day” in hotels on the All inclusive of a popular resort.”

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