Russian aircraft given the green light to fly to Egypt: the authorities will announce the date of the resumption of flights

Green light given to Russian aircraft to fly to Egypt: authorities will announce the date of resumption of flights

The “Egyptian problem”, which has been troubling Russian tourists, and the entire tourist market for about two weeks, seems to be coming to a successful conclusion. According to the Jordan News newspaper, citing its sources, the Jordanian aviation authorities allowed the Russian airline iFly, affiliated with the TEZ-tour tour operator, to enter Jordanian airspace on its way to Egypt. In other words, flights to Egypt will again be available for Russian aircraft.

“The tour operator Tez Tour reported that the Russian airline has completed all the documents required by the Federal Air Transport Agency under the Russian government and the Jordanian authorities, so the carrier intends to resume flights to Egypt” , writes the publication.

However, there is no official information that in Jordan Russian planes have been given the green light to fly to Egypt, as there are now days off in the kingdom. Therefore, official statements, as well as details on the date of resumption of flights, are expected on Monday.

As the TEZ-tour press service commented on the situation to the correspondent of the TURPROM infogroup, most likely the “restart” of flights will begin next week. At the moment the information is as follows. “I Fly has notified TEZ TOUR that it is awaiting a final decision from the Jordanian aviation authorities regarding the possibility of using the country's airspace. However, due to the fact that Friday and Saturday are days off in the kingdom, the airline is forced to cancel flights to Egypt scheduled for December 24, 25 and 26,” experts said.

Thus, the decision on the status of flights from 27 December will be announced on Monday 26 December. “Export flights for the tour operator's clients staying in the Egyptian resorts of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh are carried out as usual according to the approved plan. So far, more than 6,000 people have returned to Russia. TEZ TOUR customers who were unable to go on holiday due to canceled flights from December 15 will receive a full refund. To do this, they need to apply with an appropriate application at the place of booking, ”added representatives of the tour operator.

Recall that since mid-December, the“ Jordanian problem ”was sensitive for several tour operators at once. Pegasus was the first to face this problem, whose tourists were transferred to the Turkish carrier Southwind Airlines and they will be sent to the resorts of Egypt with an intermediate stop in Antalya for refueling, and for the reason that the Turks do not have the right to carry Russian passengers directly to a third country – only with a formal landing in Turkey. Further, the carrier TEZ Tour, the iFly airline, also came under attack. Experts predicted that the issue would be resolved by December 24. And so it happened. Read more at this link.

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