Russian Ambassador to Turkey spoke about deaths with Russian tourists, giving advice on how to avoid them

Russian Ambassador to Turkey spoke about fatal cases with Russian tourists, giving advice on how to avoid them< /p> To be more careful on the streets in order to avoid accidents, to observe safety rules on the water, and in general to correlate “staying at resorts with the general state of one’s health,” Russian Ambassador to Turkey Aleksey Yerkhov advised Russian tourists. In an interview with TASS, he spoke about the deaths of Russian tourists in Turkey, and voiced the main tips on how to avoid such “troubles.”

As a first recommendation, the ambassador urged the Russians: “Comport your stay in the resorts with the general condition of your health.” “It is usually very hot in the Turkish south in July and August. This can provoke an exacerbation of chronic diseases, primarily cardiovascular, which traditionally hold the first place among the causes of fatal cases occurring with tourists,” Mr. Yerkhov said. He also added that this year there are already “about fifty” different kinds of accidents with our tourists.

In addition to cardiovascular diseases, the main causes of tragic cases are accidents on the water and on the roads. So the ambassador also gave the following advice: “You should be careful on the water, both in the sea and in the pool, look after the children. And take a closer look on the street – there are already ten accidents, two of them fatal.

Also, Mr. Yerkhov voiced a convincing request to Russian tourists – do not forget to purchase medical insurance. “This will help to avoid a lot of problems,” the ambassador said.

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