Russian cards in Turkey began to be accepted everywhere: commission named

Russian cards in Turkey began to be accepted everywhere: the commission was named

Russian “sub-sanctioned” cards in Turkey began to be accepted almost everywhere again. However, the commission still “bites”. Such data was published by Novye Izvestia. According to the estimates of the experts who named the commission, it will be at least 14%.

Tourists reported that signs in Russian began to appear in Turkish stores one after another, saying that here you can again pay with a card – both the Mir card and Russian cards of other payment systems, including all banks that are under sanctions. This opportunity is provided by the SigmaPay service, which was first tested in hotels, and now stores are also mastering it.

What is interesting, as the experts of the publication assure, who owns the company providing the service is unclear. Moreover: “The site, which works intermittently, contains the address of the company, but there is a parking lot at these coordinates.” Neither in Russia nor in Turkey has anyone officially signed up, so who provides tourists and Turkish businessmen with the opportunity to circumvent sanctions. However, judging by how the system works, the tourist does not risk anything. In addition to interest – and they bite.

The fact is that the service takes a 2% commission for the operation. Plus, about 12% is added to the price – they are added to the ruble to Turkish lira conversion rate. This is explained by the fact that the seller will receive the payment in a few weeks, and by then the rate may change. As a result, another 14% is added to the purchase price. As they explained to tourists “on the fingers”, for every 100 dollars you will have to pay another 14. What is still a “biting” rate, especially since it will cost less with cash.

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At the same time, tourists were assured on the pages of the publication that, judging by the current exchange rate of one of the popular exchange services in Turkey, 2Change, rubles are now changing in Turkey, even a little more profitable than dollars. If you buy dollars in Russia, fly to Turkey and buy lira there, you can get 2210 lira for 100 dollars. When exchanging the same amount in rubles, a little more will come out – 2225.

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