Russian children and parents are shocked: in Turkey, a children's group was kicked out of the hotel at night to the park

Russian children and parents are in shock: in Turkey, a children's group was kicked out of the hotel to the park at night< /p>The extraordinary scandal with the eviction of Russian children from the hotel – who were put out on the street late at night, after which the children had to spend the night on the bus and on benches in the park – is being investigated by specialized tourism organizations. We are talking about “unfair actions” of the Hummingbird company, which took responsibility for organizing a children's summer camp in Turkey, ATOR officially reports. At the same time, a very significant detail is that the company is simply not listed in the notorious register of tour operators, in which, it seems, every tour operator sending children abroad should be included. Unofficial details from the field only add to the heat.

According to the association, the parents of the victims claim that the company did not pay for the children's stay at the hotel, and there are no return tickets. In total, 68 injured minors were counted.

And then interesting details began to emerge: according to information from parents, camp leaders and representatives of the company, the parents signed agreements “for the selection and booking of tickets and accommodation” in a hotel in Turkey with an individual entrepreneur (individual entrepreneur) Markina N.V. At the same time, they received neither itinerary receipts for both flight segments, nor vouchers, nor other documents confirming the organization of children's recreation. However, this did not stop them from sending their children to Turkey with a one-way ticket.

The children were placed at the Omorfi Garden Resort, and, according to the parents, they were evicted on the night of August 2-3 due to the lack of further payment for the accommodation. After a long wait outside the accommodation facilities, vacationers were moved to the Rios Latte Beach Hotel in Beldibi. However, today he also notified the guests that the rooms are paid only until 12-00 on August 5 and after this period the children will be evicted. At the same time, according to the association, representatives of Hummingbird, the children were allegedly relocated due to the proximity of fires in Kemer.

On the Otzovik service, the shocked parents commented on the situation as follows: “Upon arrival, the daughter sent a photo that a fire was raging near the camp and helicopters were extinguishing it. Despite the fact that the day before the arrival, the counselor claimed that there was no fire nearby and threw off a beautiful video. On August 1, at two o'clock in the morning, the children were woken up by the Turkish hotel staff and thrown out into the street due to non-payment of rooms by the camp. In total, they rode the bus all night, slept in it, and also on benches in the park, while Hummingbird management decided where to take the children.

The TURPROM editors also received a description of the situation in the following terms: “The Turks evicted the children from the hotel at 2 am, the children were in the park all night. No contact with parents. The children barely found a hotel and were transported a day later to a hotel in Beldibi. Children and parents are shocked. The organizer is an IP company without documents, without financial guarantees, money was accepted on a card. Now the parents are calling the embassy. There are no return tickets.”

Followed by the following insider from Turkey: “This camp has been running away from debt for more than a year, everyone in Turkey knows this, even children. It didn't work out this year. Spring reviews are all customized. No money left. IP legal entity with debts and blocked accounts, an old legal entity with debts. Here you need to write statements about fraud.”

As Georgy Mokhov, head of the PCT Legal Committee, commented, there is a big problem of control over the provision of tourism services, including in the field of children's tourism. “It is believed that the consumer himself should look into the federal register of tour operators, find a company that sells him a tour. But in reality, almost none of them do this. First of all, people are interested in the price, convenient terms, an interesting program, and it is difficult to blame them for this,” the expert said. He added that it is the duty of state bodies to exercise supervision and control, which should not be shifted onto the shoulders of citizens.

“But they remember supervision and control only when something serious happens, God forbid, with tragic consequences. The rest of the time it's out of control. There are thousands of proposals on organizing tours anywhere by anyone on Instagram, Telegram, and other social networks. Their sales volumes have long exceeded the volumes of law-abiding tour operators for a long time,” Georgy Mokhov emphasized.

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