Russian in Turkey announced the beginning of restrictions on remote work

A Russian in Turkey announced the beginning of restrictions on remote work

Large domestic companies, without waiting for an official ban, have already begun to restrict the employment of Russians who have gone abroad for remote work. A Russian tourist spoke about such an initiative for emigrants in Turkey in his blog on Yandex.Zen.

While the State Duma and the Federation Council continue to discuss ideas of restrictions for those who hastily left Russia in recent months, episodic stories appear on the labor market when, among other requirements of the organization, a mandatory condition is prescribed – the applicant must be on the territory of the Russian Federation, despite the fact that the activity involves remote character. The idea fits in well with the government's earlier proposal to ban Russians from working abroad for Russian companies.

As evidence, the compatriot cited a description of one of the vacancies posted by a domestic company developing software products and custom solutions for the Russian public sector on Here are the conditions described in the vacancy:

  • We are considering candidates from various regions who are only in the Russian Federation.
  • Design in strict accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.
  • Official salary.
  • Professional team, prospects for growth and development.
  • Corporate training at the expense of the company.
  • VHI.
  • Tea, coffee to keep you in a good mood.

“Without waiting for instructions from above, employers are beginning to introduce restrictions on their own. While this is not a mass phenomenon, let's see what happens next. Colleagues also report that the topic of location begins to emerge during interviews as well. The usual question has become – “where are you now?” At the same time, no one directly states that there is a relationship between the location of a person and the final decision on his candidacy. But if it doesn’t affect anything, then why ask about it,” the tourist asked.

What comments and clarifications from officials stand out so far?

  1. Firstly, Senator Klishas called the talks about the seizure of property unpromising, because. this is contrary to the Constitution.
  2. Secondly, deputy Isaev gave explanations about the idea of ​​imposing taxes on emigrants. According to him, now only the possibility of canceling benefits for individual entrepreneurs and the self-employed or canceling the status of self-employed for non-residents is being discussed.
  3. Thirdly, the cabinet of ministers is closely following the discussions, but plans to adhere to the “do no harm” principle. This general opinion was voiced by Finance Minister Siluanov. “The government says that when making decisions, they will assess the risks of going into the shadows of those who will be targeted by the changes. That is, a penny in the budget is better than nothing at all,” the blogger explained.

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