Russian tourist after Turkey decided to adopt 4 rules of life for Turkish women

After Turkey, a Russian tourist decided to adopt the 4 rules of life for Turkish women

On the “four rules for the life of Turkish women”, which, from her point of view, would be nice to adopt for Russian women , the blogger said on her page in Yandex.Zen.

“Turkish women differ from us Russians not only in their appearance, but also in their attitude to themselves and to life in general. I think that many of the rules that they adhere to are correct and make them happy. We also have a lot to learn,” she assured.

There are four rules:

  • “They are not embarrassed by excess weight, but are proud of their magnificent forms,” she states that “love for yourself and your body” is a striking feature of Turkish women. “Instead of desperately losing weight while dieting, they emphasize the splendor of their figure, do not consider this a disadvantage, on the contrary, they are proud and eat with pleasure. In many ways, this approach is explained by the mentality of the Turks: in Turkey, they are convinced that it is fat women who are healthy and childbearing. Excess fat on the abdomen and hips suggests that the future wife will calmly give birth to a healthy and strong child, which Turkish men appreciate, ”the blogger assures. Therefore, local ladies do not refuse desserts and high-calorie pastries and in every possible way “adore themselves,” she writes.
  • “Don't be afraid to take the initiative.” “The second fact that very accurately conveys the mentality of Turkish women is dominance in relationships. They are not afraid to take the initiative into their own hands, they do not wait for the prince on the “white horse”, they prefer to choose their own partner, while making high demands on their future husband,” the blogger writes, adding that everything is not so in Russia and “women are waiting first steps from the opposite sex. However, “among the initiative ones there are arrogant and self-confident, not always worthy.”
  • “They live on the support of their husband, while remaining self-sufficient,” the blogger assured, despite the fact that most of the married Turkish women are housewives, they do not “dissolve” in a partner, children and life, but “with a clear conscience they hire nannies to devote time yourself and personal development. “They attend various courses, visit friends to unwind, regularly read the news so as not to be boring and uninteresting for their husband,” the blogger explained. Russian women, according to her, in the first place put the needs of her husband, home life and raising children. “Thus, they get lost as individuals because they forget about personal interests and needs,” she adds.
  • “Interested in 'male topics', always sharing the husband's interests.” “The final instillation in the life of Turkish women is the maintenance of the interests of the spouse. It is important for them to get involved in what their man does. Thus, they try to gain knowledge and be aware of political events, always up to date with the latest news. So that in the evening you can talk with your husband not only about your troubles, but also support him in his hobbies, ”the blogger assures.

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