Russian tourist arrested in Goa for booking a hotel room using one type of phone

Russian tourist arrested in Goa for booking a hotel room using one type of phone

Using a satellite phone in India, including in the resort of Goa, can lead you to the dock. This was reported by IANS, referring to the fact that a Russian tourist was arrested in connection with the use of this type of phone in Goa.

According to the local police inspector in South Goa, Philomeno Costa, 49-year-old Russian citizen Ilyas A. said that he knew nothing about the ban.

The tourist came to Goa on December 28 with his wife and two children. “He is a contractor by profession, who told us that he had traveled to many foreign countries with this satellite phone, where he did not find any problems, and therefore brought it to Goa. There, he successfully booked a hotel using this phone. And when he used this satellite phone to call his mother at home, the call was traced and the satellite phone was found, ”the policeman said.

The offense was recorded, a task force was called and the extremely surprised tourist was escorted to department. The use of satellite phones in India is prohibited in accordance with article 6 of the Wireless Law and article 20 of the Telegraph Law.

The publication does not specify what exactly the tourist may face. However, it has already been announced that he will stand trial.

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