Russian tourist attacked and severely beaten in Thailand

Russian tourist attacked and severely beaten in Thailand

An injured Russian tourist stopped a random motorcyclist and sought his help after she was attacked and severely beaten in Bang Lamung, which forms the northern border of the resort town of Pattaya in Thailand. An investigation is underway to find suspects in the attack.

Police said a 38-year-old traveler wearing a tracksuit was walking along the road to the Mab Prachan reservoir in Nong Prue district late in the evening when she met a local resident who called the police and rescuers. Arriving doctors stated that the Russian woman had a head injury, bruises on her neck and abrasions all over her body. The police asked the victim questions about what happened to her, but the woman could not remember anything.

The police examined the road and the surrounding areas and found traces of blood leading about 10 meters into the forest next to the road, as well as a pair of sneakers and a mobile phone – these were the things of a Russian tourist. A 36-year-old local resident told law enforcement officers that he was heading home when he came across a woman walking along the road. She called for help. The traveler was bleeding, and he immediately stopped and called the police.

The injured woman was taken to Bang Lamung Hospital for treatment. Local and tourist police are investigating.

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