Russian tourist caught keyf yapmak in Turkey and understood its essence

Russian tourist caught keyf yapmak in Turkey and understood its essence

The Russian traveler lived in Turkey for two months and during this time she caught the so-called “keyf yapmak” more than once. She published a post about what it is and why all this is worth learning from the Turks on her Yandex.Zen channel. Consider the basic principles of “keyfotherapy”.

The Turkish phrase “keyif yapmak” is very popular in the republic, consonant with the word “kayf” common in the West, and translated into Russian means “pleasure”. What is the difference between Western “kaif” and Turkish “kaef”? As the compatriot explained, in the first case we are talking about strong emotions, a state of ecstasy, most often caused by stimulants, such as alcohol and other substances. Whereas the eastern, i.e. “Turkish “keyf” is the ability to catch a moment of joy in ordinary everyday life.” At the same time, locals get pleasure from the most ordinary and everyday things. For example, from a smoke break on a bench in the park or on the balcony, a glass of tea drunk during a break, a picnic with friends, meeting friends or contemplating the sunset on the beach on the way from work. Turks appreciate and experience keyif yapmak such small joys of life.

“After all, for them, such moments are not just a state of doing nothing, it is an opportunity to disconnect from external reality, immerse themselves in themselves, relax, restore internal energy, feel harmony with nature and others,” the author shared.

At the same time, this the soul-friendly habit turned out to be contagious, as the traveler found out. “It captures even the most desperate foreign workaholics in Turkey. Willy-nilly, you begin to add your “moments of joy” to your daily schedule – coffee on the balcony, a piece of sweet with tea in front of the TV, half an hour with your favorite book on a bench in the park, contemplation of the waves on the sea … It doesn’t matter what is the main thing, stop for a while, feel the beauty of the moment and remember it, ”the blogger clarified. According to her, “keyfotherapy” is useful. With regular adherence to its principles, anxiety suddenly disappears, and “a disgruntled mine on the face is replaced by a constant relaxed smile.”

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