Russian tourist dies of heatstroke: the authorities of the popular country warned travelers about the hellish heat

Russian tourist died of heat stroke: the authorities of the popular country warned travelers about the hellish heat

Two tourists at once – and one of them, a Russian, died of heat stroke in the city of Lapu Lapu on the island of Cebu in the Philippines. The country's authorities are warning tourists, especially those arriving from northern countries, that one should be extremely careful on the islands with heat.

As Nagiel Banyasia, head of the Office for Disaster Risk Reduction and Elimination of Consequences in the city, told the Cebu Daily News Lapu-Lapu (LDRRMO), a Russian found dead in an apartment he rented. At the same time, as the police assure, death could have occurred a day ago. But the suspected cause is heat stroke. The American was found on the street – his heart stopped and the ambulance arrived could not bring him back to life.

According to the official, the weather in the Philippines is very hot at the moment – and they have to take measures, up to installation of a refrigerator in the ambulance to reduce the impact of the scorching sun.

“We try to keep track of foreign tourists visiting the country, especially those who come from cold countries. But they must take care of their own safety,” he said and recommended everyone to be attentive to their health in hot weather. In particular, always drink plenty of water, and also avoid direct exposure to the sun.

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