Russian tourist faces 7 years in prison for stealing a motorcycle in Bali

Russian tourist faces 7 years in prison for stealing a motorcycle in Bali

A Russian tourist on the paradise island of Bali was arrested on charges of stealing a Honda Vario motorcycle. For what he did, he faces seven years in Indonesian prison.

According to Bali Discovery, the incident occurred on June 17, but it became known only now. George R., 31, jumped over a metal fence at 2:23 am and illegally entered the territory of someone else's villa to steal a motorcycle with the key left in the ignition.

However, when the traveler tried to open the chain barrier, he was noticed security. The man tried to escape on a bicycle, but he was quickly caught and handed over to Janyar provincial police. In the detention center of the police station, the Russian tourist behaved uneasily: he cursed, urinated in the wrong places and crushed furniture. Because of his violent behavior, he was transferred to a prison located in the same province. One of the law enforcement officers told the publications that it was decided to send the man to a psychiatric hospital in Bangli for examination, but there the offender was recognized as sane, so the offender was left in a prison cell.

For attempting to steal a motorcycle, the police of the resort island charged the tourist with in accordance with section 363, paragraphs 1 and 3 of the Indonesian Penal Code (KUHP) – grand theft under extenuating circumstances. The maximum penalty under this article of the law is seven years.

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