Russian tourist figured out the only country in Latin America where a vacationer will not be robbed with a gun

A Russian tourist figured out the only country in Latin America where a vacationer will not be robbed with a gun

Although in Latin America, of which there are 32 , there are security problems for tourists traveling independently on the continent, “there is still one where they definitely won’t rob you with weapons in their hands,” the Russian traveler reassured. We are talking about exotic Cuba.

“A paradoxical country and one of the few remaining examples of a socialist state in the world. Things are not going well with the standard of living on Liberty Island, but nevertheless, there are no robberies here, as in the more prosperous Chile or Argentina, ”the tourist compared the countries in his channel on Yandex.Zen. In relation to such poor countries as Nicaragua and Venezuela, Cuba, according to the author's description, is the most peaceful place: “The maximum that can happen is a small divorce for twenty bucks. And even then only if you behave yourself.”

Statistics from past years from Numbeo confirms this: Cuba is not the safest place on earth, but the crime index there is 28.33. 137 countries were included in the rating two years ago. For comparison: in the same Venezuela, which topped the rating in terms of the number of intentional homicides, the forensic index is at 83.76, and in Qatar, as the safest country in the world, it is 12.13. Not much has changed since then.

The reason for the lack of constant showdowns and aggressive theft in the Caribbean country lies in the fact that the island nation lives on tourism. “The country has been living in isolation for the last decades, and the only few sources of income are the export of cigars, coffee, sugar and tourism,” the blogger noted and added that a tourist there is an “untouchable object.” – He can be bred for a dozen bucks, because he himself will not go to the police because of such a trifle, but the locals somehow need to survive. But no one will definitely rob him with a weapon in his hands, because this is fraught with big problems for the Cubans themselves.” In addition, the police work well in the country.

In other words, no one will undertake to guarantee the absence of petty theft and fraud for a traveler in Cuba, but as for armed attacks and crime with all the consequences, this is a different level of crime, which, fortunately, tourists do not see on the resort island so far. What cannot be said, for example, about Mexico. And Cuba is about freedom, dancing, rum, beautiful nature, the sea and vintage cars on the go.

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