Russian tourist found the main difference between Thai women and Russians and was surprised

A Russian tourist found the main difference between Thai women and Russians and was surprised

There are many differences between Russian and Asian women, but the main thing is one, according to the domestic a traveler who came to Thailand for one month. According to his discovery, which he himself was surprised at, the main difference is the “hairiness of all parts of the body” in the latter.

The compatriot noted that Russian girls are considered beautiful abroad. “Guys from Asia believe that a Russian girl for him as a bride is a real gift. Few of them can imagine such a thing, only if in their dreams,” he said in his blog on Yandex.Zen.

At the same time, Thai girls are attractive in their own way. An exotic type will drive any European man crazy, the tourist is sure. “Thai girls have better hair structure. It can be seen that they are much thicker. Just an immense mane on his head. Despite the hot climate, they are happy to grow their hair. And this shock floats so beautifully in the wind, especially when a girl rides a scooter, ”a compatriot noted his observation. At the same time, he drew attention to the fact that Slavic-type girls are more open to experiments with hair: they make the shortest possible haircuts, while Thais, on the contrary, prefer classically long hair.

The author also saw the external differences between the representatives of the two nationalities. “For example, Thais also do nothing with thick hair. They also successfully grow, as well as on the head. Therefore, Thais are really hairy. Meanwhile, Russian beauties are “turned” on the issue of hair removal. What procedures they just didn’t come up with: they pluck with sugar and tear out with hot wax, and what a chic selection of various depilatory creams and shaving machines in Russia. And even shaving foam with girly flavors. And here is another procedure in the salon, where laser hair is removed. The procedure is expensive, but this does not frighten Russian girls. But they remove hair all over the body and forever, ”the blogger compared.

At the same time, he stated that while traveling in Thailand, it is difficult for his girlfriend to find women's razors in stores. Even rarer is shaving cream, and if there is, the cost discourages buying, he complained. “Such creams can only be found in the part of Thailand where foreigners live. That is, they are sold exclusively for tourists. There is nothing like this in Thai villages and towns,” the traveler assured and urged Russians who “like hairy girls” who “have the same length on their legs as men” to go to Thailand.

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