Russian tourist hit by drunk driver in Thailand

Russian tourist hit by drunk driver in Thailand

A deranged Thai man driving a pickup truck in a state of extreme intoxication hit a Russian tourist on a motorcycle in the resort of Pattaya. Our compatriot was seriously injured, he is in the hospital.

The accident happened early Tuesday morning in the Jomtien area. Witnesses told The Thaiger that 34-year-old local resident Chayan Moohan suddenly flew his car out of the parking lot and blocked the lane, causing the Russian to crash into him at full speed.

However, the Thai accused of the accident gave other testimony. According to him, before the collision, a traffic officer gestured to him to move the car to another parking space. He followed the instructions, but did not understand whether he drove into the lane or not, because he was intoxicated. As a result of the accident, the driver of the pickup truck was not injured; the bumper of his car fell off.

Rescuers who arrived at the scene found that the Russian was seriously injured and was bleeding. Nearby, they found his mangled motorcycle. The victim was taken to the nearest hospital, while the drunk driver was taken to the Pattaya Police Station to face charges.

Earlier, on December 11, another drunk driver incident occurred in Pattaya at the same popular resort. Then the man tried to break through the police checkpoint in the city, operating after midnight on North Pattaya Road in Naklua. The barrier was invented by the police to catch drunk motorists and prevent accidents. The operation was successful and several drivers were prosecuted for drunk driving.

Last year, 2,400 traffic accidents were recorded across Thailand, resulting in 277 deaths and 2,357 injuries. There were many tourists among them. Drunk driving is responsible for more than a third of accidents.

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