Russian tourist in Thailand realized what professions Russians can go there and earn

A Russian tourist in Thailand realized what professions Russians can go there and earn money with

A Russian tourist who travels around Asia and settled in Thailand for a month assured her compatriots that in the “land of smiles” everyone can start earning money and offered to wash dishes for money at first. She spoke about the professions in demand in her blog on Yandex.Zen.

According to her, Russians should go to the kingdom: if you have hands, enterprise, as well as some skills, it will be a good help to settle in this tropical country, even without knowing Thai or English. “Even if you really want to earn a living, you can get a job with anyone, in any country in the world. At least wash the dishes. But we are talking about Thailand, in which case everything is already provided for you here … There are so many Russians in Thailand now that at some point you will feel at home. Many of us have opened their restaurants and cafes here. So, washing dishes is possible without problems. Plus, it's just for the first time. Also, you can get a job in a Russian institution as a waiter, cook, confectioner, sushi chef, administrator,” the author suggested.

In the country of year-round summer, “professionals in their field” will always find work, she assured, because. “big Russian community” helps each other. “The most needed and sought-after professions are: nannies, teachers, educators, guides, administrators in any business (hotel, entertainment, food, manufacturing, and so on), specialists in such offices where they rent any transport from children’s bicycles to a limousine,” blogger added.

There is always a need for specialists with a sports education. They are expected as trainers in fitness, Pilates, gymnastics, yoga, boxing, dancing, and activities with children. “And the places to study in Thailand, believe me, will be the most beautiful in your life against the backdrop of sea waves and palm trees,” the girl diluted the list of professions with such enticing pictures.

“The most talented and people without complexes are required in the field of organizing various celebrations and weddings. Operators and photographers are also needed, especially professionals in their field. Where Russians live, stylists, make-up artists, manicure and pedicure specialists are always needed. Although there are many Thai offices here, Russian clients like Russian specialists,” she said.

However, the Russian woman did not mention that there are severe restrictions in the kingdom for foreigners if they are thinking about legal employment. In addition to the “circles of bureaucratic hell” in pursuit of legal work and paying fees, it is important for travelers applying for a particular position that the profession is not on the list of prohibited ones. For clarification, most of the activities on the list are related to manual labor, the manufacture or processing of products of Thai culture, such as umbrellas, dolls and dishes. Such measures are taken to ensure that foreigners who come under the palm trees do not compete with the Thais and do not take away their work.

In Thailand, you need to work only officially, otherwise the tourist will face a fine and deportation. The conditions of punishment are as follows: a foreign employee will be required to pay a fine of 5,000-5,000 baht (10.5-105 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate), and he will also be expelled from the country. For an employer who was first caught employing a foreigner without a work permit, a fine of 10,000-100,000 baht (21-210 thousand rubles) is provided, for a repeated violation the rate will be raised to 50,000-200,000 baht (105-419 thousand rubles). ) with a real threat of imprisonment for a term not exceeding 1 year, or both. In addition, the employer will be banned from hiring foreigners for the next three years.

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