Russian tourist in Turkey left his phone in a taxi and was outraged when the driver demanded $100

A Russian tourist in Turkey forgot his phone in a taxi and was outraged when the driver demanded $100< /p> A taxi driver in Istanbul decided to earn some money and demanded $100 from a Russian tourist for a phone forgotten in a taxi. The traveler was indignant at the request of the Turk and was left without a gadget.

According to Turizmguncel, the taxi driver took the tourists from the airport and took them to the hotel in Beyoglu (a district in the European part of Istanbul). Some time later, he noticed that one of the passengers alone had forgotten his phone in the car. According to the publication, the cost of the smartphone was about 36 thousand rubles.

The driver immediately had a plan. He called the hotel, at the door of which he dropped off foreigners and reported the find. The administration promised to find out exactly which of their guests was left without a means of communication, and call back. However, when the hotel employee contacted the taxi driver, the latter said that he was ready to give the tourist a phone for $100.

The traveler agreed to leave a reward, but the driver stopped communicating for some unknown reason. The hotel contacted the Istanbul Taxi Chamber and the IMM Solutions Center about the situation, but received no results. It was clarified that the problem was also reported to the police, but it was not possible to get through to the taxi driver.

“I arrived in Istanbul on January 9, got into a taxi. Unfortunately, I forgot my mobile phone in the car. The driver asked $100 to return my phone. He refused other offers. It's been 2 days and we still can't contact him. I still don’t have a phone,” the Russian complained.

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