Russian tourist in Turkey looked at prices for used cars and was shocked

A Russian tourist in Turkey looked at prices for used cars and was shocked

To buy a used car in Turkey, you have to be a millionaire – this is the conclusion made by the Russian a traveler who, during his trip to this republic, decided to take a closer look at how things are with car prices in the secondary market and went to one of the local car dealerships. However, he was shocked by the price tags he saw.

“It is difficult to imagine a developed country without cars. The car in our life has become stronger as a means of transportation, and not as a luxury, ”said the author of the Zen-channel “TRAMP”. Consider which models the traveler drew attention to.

Nissan Qashqai, 2014 with 47.100 km mileage, was sold for 894,000 lira “Personally, I get the impression that only millionaires live in Turkey,” the compatriot concluded about the “old people's car.”

Another model that he drew attention to is the large all-wheel drive Hyundai Santa Fe , manufactured in 2021, with a mileage of 26.500 km, a car that “shows prosperity in life among Russians.” The price shocked the author. The third option – Toyota Yaris with a mileage of 82.600 km cost 772,000 lire (approximately 2.8 million rubles). The tourist did not miss the most inexpensive option – Skoda Fabia, produced in 2016 with a mileage of more than 64,000 km. Its sale price is 614,000 lire (more than 2.2 million rubles).

“And we in Russia continue to be surprised by our prices for cars. I think cars in the Russian Federation can still grow in the near future, there is a good potential for their cost growth, ”he summed up and came to the conclusion that the expensive pricing policy for cars in Turkey explains the refusal of resellers to transport them to Russia.

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