Russian tourist in Turkey noted the coolest feature of public transport

Russian tourist in Turkey noted the coolest feature of public transport

The admiration of the Russian tourist in Turkey was caused by one of the most convenient “chips” of public transport in the cultural capital of Turkey. While traveling in Istanbul, he discovered that city buses have USB ports, which allows passengers to charge their mobile phones during the trip.

As a compatriot noted in his Zen channel, this function is straightforward, but incredibly useful, because Istanbul is a huge city, and traveling by public transport can take more than an hour. Sometimes the charge on the phone can be so low that it will not last until the desired stop, where you can find an outlet, for example, in a cafe.

This possibility of charging phones on buses is especially convenient for tourists. Unlike the locals, they do not always know exactly where they are going or where they should get off. That is why the presence of USB ports in the interiors of buses becomes a real salvation for them. While the traveler is on the road, “you can safely plot a further route” and learn more about the place you are going to by reading the information about it on your phone.

It should be noted that on Istanbul buses, USB ports are available in large numbers and function properly. However, it is interesting that this feature is not yet available on all public transport and not in all cities. Obviously, such innovations take time to implement.

Nevertheless, in another Turkish city, Bursa, there are points for recharging phones even in some small minibuses. This indicates that some cities are striving to provide maximum comfort for their passengers, including tourists.

In Russia, the availability of USB ports in public transport, especially in large cities, is becoming an increasingly common practice. Many transport companies and city carriers are aware of the needs of passengers and strive to provide them with additional comfort during their trips. USB ports on buses allow not only locals but also guests of the country to charge mobile devices such as phones and tablets while traveling.

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