Russian Tourist in Turkey Reveals How He Survived an Earthquake in a Hotel

Russian tourist in Turkey reports how he survived an earthquake in a hotel

that dangerous moment was in a Turkish hotel. He spoke about his terrible experience and shared his impressions of the experience in a post published on his channel “Without Aircraft” in “Zen”.

“Recently, this issue has become very worrying for me,” the tourist admitted. – Resting in Alanya, I never really worried about this. Moreover, looking at the above map with seismic zones in Turkey, I saw that the resort of Alania is in the 4th seismic hazard zone, that is, it has a low risk of earthquakes.

However, everything changed after the devastating earthquake that occurred on February 6, 2023, when two powerful earthquakes occurred at an interval of nine hours in the southeast of the republic. Despite the fact that the epicenter of the disaster was located at a distance of 500 kilometers from Alanya, its consequences were felt even in this Mediterranean city.

“In my room, for example, the cabinet doors opened and the bed frame pounded against the wall,” the author said. “My friend from the city of Mersin, who is also located in a safe seismic zone, said that on the 12th floor it was shaking so that water bottles fell in the kitchen and the chandelier swayed so that it almost broke.”

These terrible events led the tourist to the conclusion that there are practically no absolutely safe seismic zones in Turkey, and travelers should be extremely careful when traveling in this country.

Help: Formerly one of the most devastating and deadly earthquake in the country was considered a catastrophe that occurred on December 26, 1939 in the eastern province of Erzincan. Then the magnitude of the earthquake reached 7.9 points, which led to large-scale devastating consequences and huge human casualties. However, the earthquake itself was only the beginning of a series of unforeseen tragic events. Immediately after the disaster, frosts hit the territory of Turkey, taking thousands of people by surprise, left homeless.

As a result of this disaster, 32,962 people died directly from the earthquake and from frostbite. About 100,000 more people were seriously injured, and more than 116,720 houses were completely destroyed.

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