Russian tourist named 5 restaurants where Turks invite Russian women on their first date in Alanya

Russian tourist named 5 restaurants where Turks invite Russian women for their first date in Alanya

Russian the traveler went on an independent tour of Turkey and found out where locals invite Russian ladies on their first date in the popular Mediterranean city of Alanya. She listed the top 5 restaurants on her blog on Yandex.Zen.

The compatriot explained that the attitude towards Turkish men can be different, but they really know how to impress the woman they like, including taking them to dinner in an institution located in a picturesque place. And thereby win her heart.

The list of Alanya restaurants is as follows:

  1. Teras Cafe & Restaurant. Location: on one of the slopes of the Toro Mountains surrounding the resort town, above the picturesque park “Terraces”. A reference point for an independent search for an institution is one of the symbols of the resort, a giant inscription “I love Alanya”.
    From the terraces of the cafe, a stunning panorama of the city and its surroundings opens up. “These views are especially good when the day begins to decline towards evening, at sunset,” the blogger assured.
  2. Restaurant on the mountain serpentine leading to Ichkala. “The ancient Seljuk fortress and its fortifications are the main attractions of Alanya. The most interesting part is the inner castle or Ichkale, located on the crest of Gilvarda Cape, from the side of the port a mountain serpentine leads to it, ”the compatriot pointed out that along the way you will meet many cafes and restaurants, as if hanging over the slope. The view from their terraces overlooks the Red Tower, the port and the old town and is most preferable in the evening.
  3. Unnamed Tunnel Restaurant. The reference point for the search is a park zone, laid out along the coastal promenade, not far from the tunnel leading out of the city. However, it should be borne in mind that there is a busy highway and a dense traffic flow nearby, and there is a “virtually deserted beach with a stunningly beautiful view of Gilvarda Cape and sunset.”
  4. Heaven in Emirgan Ulash Park
  5. strong>on the western outskirts of Alanya, 1.5 km from the yacht port Alanya Marina. “The stone structure on the mountainside is often called the Baths of Cleopatra, but in fact it has no historical value, Cleopatra has never been here, and the structure itself has been erected today,” the tourist shared and recommended visiting the institution in the evening to catch a picturesque sunset sun. “At sunset, the rocky coast turns into delicate pink colors, and the sea in the bay acquires an amazing turquoise hue,” a Russian woman described the natural phenomenon.

  6. OCCO Beach Club & Lounge at Cleopatra Beach. An incredibly popular institution is located near the Damlatash cave and the Ataturk 100th Anniversary Park. “It differs from other beach restaurants by the presence of two terraces (open and closed) and a large beach lounge area with sofas, armchairs, sunbeds, where you can comfortably sit down with drinks and sunbathe,” she said. In addition, the terraces offer stunning views of the sea and the Seljuk fortress. It is unlikely that you will be able to retire there, the place is very popular among both tourists and locals.

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