Russian tourist packed his suitcase with film at the Moscow airport and was shocked by the price

A Russian tourist packed his suitcase with foil at the Moscow airport and was shocked by the price

“Maybe it’s time for someone to intervene and stop this price bacchanalia?” a Russian traveler asked himself when he was surprised to learn about the shocking cost of packing luggage at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport, comparable to the “discount” price of a ticket to Sochi.

As the tourist noted on his Yandex.Zen channel, he laid out as much as 2,000 rubles from his pocket for wrapping a suitcase with a banal plastic wrap. “Everything has a limit. There is no limit only to the thirst for earnings on travelers and business trips. I was convinced of this again at Sheremetyevo Airport. This time we flew from Novosibirsk with a transfer in Moscow,” the author shared.

According to him, the service of a modest single-layer film wrapping, which, in fact, does not even protect the suitcase from being opened or damaged, costs 800 rubles. “And then the change in cost resembles the trajectory of a rocket at the Museum of Cosmonautics near VDNKh – irresistibly upwards. Double layer – 1.550 rubles (thanks, of course, for the fifty-kopeck discount). There are options for both 1.200 and 1.700. The most expensive one is 1,980 rubles, ”the traveler cited the price range of the airport.

The last listed price offers tourists some packing perks: a double layer, additional protection, and a knife as a gift. “Unless they paint a suitcase for Gzhel or Khokhloma. Take it, tourist, feel confident!” he added and said that the marketing department of the point of departure is on the alert and does not forget to indicate the words-hooks in large print: “profitable”, “economical”, “economical+”.

However, in a detailed analysis of the tariffs, the author found out that it is these enticing offers that are the most expensive. “That is … in general, never economical. For 1980 rubles – this is just “economical with a plus.” And people are still being persuaded: “Take an economical or profitable one, it’s best with him. And definitely on both suitcases – otherwise, how can the second one be without protection. And as a result, such a normal budget of the process turns out – almost like a ticket to Sochi on sale, ”the tourist was indignant.

Immediately, an experienced air traveler remembered the method used at the Makhachkala airport: “Employees at the screening frame at the entrance at the airport they say so unobtrusively: “You have a good suitcase, you should pack it, otherwise you never know what. The packing rack is over there on the right…” That is, something like “We are not hinting at anything, but …”. If only the FAS were engaged in pricing in this type of service,” he concluded hopefully.

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